Soursop Bitters: Explore the Health Benefits of This Tropical Superfood in Bitter Form

Soursop Bitters: Explore the Health Benefits of This Tropical Superfood in Bitter Form

The Short Story: Soursop

Have you ever heard of the soursop fruit? It's a tropical fruit that grows in St. Croix (Virgin Islands) and other warm places like the Caribbean. Soursop has a green spiky skin on the outside, and when it's ripe it's soft and creamy on the inside. Our ancestors noticed that using the tea helped the body's ability to fight off sickness. You can eat it when it's ripe, blend the fruit to make smoothies or brew the leaves to make tea. 


What are Living Bitters?

Living bitters are a combination of different bitter herbs. There are many different herbs used in living bitters for example Moringa, Dandelion, Burdock, and Wormwood just to name a few. 

Living bitters are called ‘living’ because they contain live probiotics that can help with digestive health. The name living bitters tells you exactly what they taste like - bitter! But think about it, everything that’s sweet isn’t necessarily good for you. While the taste of bitters may be bitter the benefits outweigh it. Bitters have a mild laxative effect which helps in getting rid of waste that needs to come out of the body.

Why Take Living Bitters?

Many people have issues with their digestion and bitters could be a helpful solution. 

Bitters help by

  1. Supporting the stomach in creating stomach acid which helps break down food.
  2. This in turn helps with indigestion and bloating.  By breaking down the food better symptoms such as bloating, gas, and feeling uncomfortable after meals are alleviated. This is why some people notice themselves losing weight around their midsection after consistently taking bitters. It’s breaking down food and supporting your body in releasing it.
  3. Supporting your body regulate sugar. Certain ingredients in bitters help to regulate blood sugar
  4. Being a natural way to support digestive health and overall wellbeing


There’s a reason we’ve been carrying living bitters for years. Support your digestive system by purchasing a bottle of living bitters for yourself.



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